OUR PURPOSE: To maximise your investment in SAP Technology 
OUR MISSION: We deliver to a promise that has your company, SAP technology and our people at its core

Edenhouse has many years’ experience working with businesses to maximise their SAP investments. Forging customers for life with industry leaders to drive digital transformation and change management initiatives. Our SAP specialists implement the latest SAP technologies and Cloud innovations, and through our unrivaled SAP Support Services we are dedicated to helping our customers optimise their investment in SAP. As well as carrying out new project implementations, we upgrade existing systems, integrate and offer ongoing support and maintenance services to help businesses create an Intelligent Enterprise - offered on premise, in the Cloud or via our Hosting solutions. 

Like many businesses today, Edenhouse are on a digital transformation journey to ensure we provide first class services and support to our customers, whilst leveraging modern workplace tools and the latest SAP technologies to drive its own business. We understand the challenges faced by our customers and help them employ a growth mindset to enable and drive change management to achieve digital excellence.

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The Board


Our Edenhouse board of directors is the team forging the growth behind the fastest growing SAP consultancy in the UK.

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We build a culture of excellence based on the expertise of our Edenhouse talent. 

Explore our current opportunities and why people join us, to help us drive a culture of customers for life and empower our customers to create an Intelligent Enterprise.


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Paul D

Our Digital Transformation Journey

With a philosophy of Customers 4 Life, we have digitally transformed our business. Ensuring we're relevant and responsive, we've invested in innovative and modern workplace tools to ensure we deliver a quality service to our customers. Discover more about our digital journey.

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Awards & Accreditation (1)
Awards & Accreditation's

Partnerships and accreditation's are important to Edenhouse and add value to both our customers and employees.

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Customer 4 Life 2

Explore how other businesses have benefited from working with Edenhouse to gain insight and value from their SAP investments, to help creating an Intelligent Enterprise.


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