An exclusive invitation to our Innovation Lab

An exclusive invitation to our Innovation Lab

10th June 2019 Written By Sophie Dell

With just a few days to go until our Fuelling Digital Excellence (#FDE19) conference opens its doors, we’re giving attendees a sneak peek into one of the event highlights – our brand-new Innovation Lab.

Emerging technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Blockchain are exciting tools that businesses are now using to optimise processes, drive efficiencies and support strategic decisions. But organisations can only do that if they truly understand the benefits those technologies offer and how they can be leveraged.

This is part of the reason why we launched our Innovation Lab – it provides a space where we can demonstrate the power of SAP innovative technologies and show real world use cases to inspire our customers.

Blockchain is just one area which has been a huge talking point recently, with the scope of industries set to benefit vast; from healthcare, manufacturing, investment banking and the payment industry, to legal, logistics. Even areas as niche as the diamond industry are looking to reap rewards.

Accessing and managing new sources of data is also increasingly important for multiple industries. Thanks to IoT, connected devices are helping to provide a holistic overview – sharing information from devices in real-time.

Again, this is an excellent way of giving businesses and customers an up-to-the-minute view. For example, a sensor on a bin in the local park could monitor when the bin is empty or full – alerting the local authority on when they need to make a collection, rather than going on a nominated day only to find that the bin’s not yet full or already overflowing.

Such a big part of innovation lies with the ability to experiment and try new things. That’s why we can’t wait to open the doors to our Innovation Lab on Thursday and get people excited about the possibility of some of these technologies.

Alongside our Innovation Lab, #FDE19 will bring together hands-on workshops and over 20 speakers and panel discussions to share insights into how organisations can leverage and grow their SAP estate.

Want to be there? Register for your place now. We look forward to welcoming you to #FDE19.