Edenhouse Solutions Become a Corporate Member of the Association of Professional Sales (APS)

Edenhouse Solutions Become a Corporate Member of the Association of Professional Sales (APS)

23rd October 2018 Written By Edenhouse


APSWe are delighted to announce that Edenhouse are a new member of the Association of Professional Sales. The APS set standards for ethical selling, and provide a platform for us to contribute to your continued learning, and supports the Growth Mindset and coaching environment Edenhouse aspire to. The APS share Edenhouse's values in promoting ethical sales, lifelong learning and the highest standards of professionalism.

As a leading strategic partner to small, medium and large businesses across multiple industries, Edenhouse Solutions will benefit greatly from the APS' distinctive methodology. We will also have access to events and resources to help develop our sales team. It marks a commitment to continually improving working practices at Edenhouse.

Paul Devlin, Chief Commercial Officer at Edenhouse Solutions, added: "Working with partner organisations and customers who are culturally aligned to us is hugely important. The APS ensures that sales professionals are held accountable to the highest standards, so they can deliver added value to their customers. Becoming a corporate member is just another way that we are passing those values on to our clients, working alongside them as trusted partners and advisors, supporting our ‘Customer for Life’ ethos.’’

Andrew Hough, Co-CEO of the APS, commented: "We are delighted to welcome Edenhouse Solutions as a corporate member of the APS. It is great to see another leading company recognising the importance of integrity and professionalism in their sales relationships and we look forward to working with them as they continue to develop an impressive, ethical and customer focused sales team".

Edenhouse are excited about this initiative, and the message we can confidently send to the market about how we do business.

To find out more about the APS, click the link below:



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