Tackling the issues in a Professional Services environment

8th January 2018 Written By Sophie Dell

A Professional Services business who utilises project work and performs services both on customer sites as well as in the office is likely to be suffering from some of the following issues:

  • Disparate systems, with a lot of duplication of effort
  • Manual processing of raising or managing support calls
  • No single source of project management
  • Lack of reporting and no 360 view of the customer

These are all very common pains points associated with the industry. But what is the solution? SAP Business ByDesign can remove these pains from your business processes. We will look at each one in turn:

Disparate Systems

As shown below, all areas of the business are within the solution and so if, for example, a support ticket is raised and worked on, users can update the ticket from their mobile device and the work will create a financial accounting entry to account for the time spent as well as update the ticket and move it onto the next stage of the workflow.

Key functions of SAP Business ByDesign

Manual process of raising or managing support tickets

Support calls can be automatically created from MS Outlook and the built-in, automated workflow ensures that communication is maintained at all times including:

Employees notified of:

  • Tickets raised
  • Work required

Customer notified of:

  • Ticket received
  • Ticket escalated
  • Current status
  • Closure

This automated communication ensures that both employees and customers are informed at each stage of the process.

No single source of project management

Projects are a fundamental element of the solution with full WBS and Gantt chart visibility. Projects also combine material ordering and employee management, therefore, collating all costs associated with the project. This means that projects can be administered within the same solution and therefore all status reports are real-time and can include information from all areas of the program, such as time recording, material purchases and much more.

Lack of Reporting and No 360-degree view of the customer

Due to all of the information being held in one system, reports can then be run against all areas and departments.

Customer records display information relating to all areas of the business including, but not limited to:

  • Sales Orders / Quotes and Opportunities
  • Projects and Status
  • Service Calls and Orders

Again, due to everything being in one system, all reports and views are live and up to date – there is no reliance on reports being run or updates required – once something happens in the system, it is reflected throughout.

Key Benefits

  • One System = One version of the truth
  • Clear communication both internally and with the customer
  • Automated process flows ensure tasks are completed or escalated
  • Clear division of roles, responsibilities and therefore accountability

 If you would like to find out more then please feel free to get in touch and we'd happily demonstrate the benefits that the solution can bring to your business.

Written by; Gareth Lewis, SAP Business ByDesign Pre-sales Consultant