The key areas surrounding SAP Business ByDesign: Part 1

The key areas surrounding SAP Business ByDesign: Part 1

22nd June 2017 Written By Sophie Dell

Welcome to the second blog around SAP Business ByDesign. Each month I'll be providing you with a short blog, addressing some key areas. In this blog, I will touch on:

  • Industry/topical update
  • Key feature of SAP Business ByDesign
  • Key Issues that users may face

Industry Update – Cyber Security

Is Cyber Security a threat?

With the recent events surrounding Cyber Security, it's worth touching on and exploring the threats as well as the measures that can be taken to ensure business safety. The threat is real and is usually comes from hackers via attachments on emails which attempt to lock the files held on a user's computer, whilst demanding a ransom in order for the machine to be unlocked. There is obviously no guarantee that these files will be unlocked after the ransom has been paid.

What steps can you take?

Operating systems need to be constantly updated with patches in order to prevent such attacks, however, this relies on a very stringent update policy being employed by businesses. Machines should also be up to date with virus and firewall software and there is also a need to educate employees around opening attachments on emails from unknown sources.

Is data more, or less secure in the cloud?

In a true cloud environment, such as SAP data centres, your data is completely secure, with the above measures and more being taken, constantly. The data is also separate to the application, therefore, increasing security.  Whilst this doesn’t prevent your machine being hijacked, what it does is create distance between your machine and the business application that you are using, therefore a hack at your premises does not pose a risk of infection at the data centre.

This should give some level of comfort for cloud users – whilst it is important to protect local machines, even an attack on premise will not affect your critical business data. The more data you have in the cloud, the more secure it is.

Business Analytics

Historically, analytics and reporting have been run on a schedule, whereby reports are created in order to share with key business stakeholders which can be a time intensive activity. SAP Business ByDesign provides real-time reporting and analytics, meaning these figures are accessible anytime a user wishes to view them.

This can be achieved due to the way in which the program is built in a true End-to-End capability. What this means is that every entry for every person in every department is recorded and reflected in the analytics and reporting instantly, without the need for updating or recompiling of reports. If key users would prefer to still receive these reports on a regular basis, then this can also be scheduled to deliver the reports in a media required by the recipient, such as on their mobile device.

This up to the minute reporting capability can be critical in making quick business decisions, especially if financial institutions are required – such as the need for additional funding. 

Training new employees

A key issue that arises is when the company has new starters, what happens? Quite often it is a case of more cost incurred with the implementation partner to deliver training – with SAP Business ByDesign, this is no longer the case. Whilst you may prefer our assistance, the help centre within Business ByDesign provides a great tool for you to utilise, with context based help providing assistance directly related to the area of the program that the user is currently in. This is both text-based as well as video training for different user types and a learning path where new users can watch the videos appropriate for them and get progress updates.

There is also company specific help, which allows a company to put their own documents on, such as job duties and procedures. Companies can also create their own help videos specific to that user and hold them in the central repository. This ensures that the software really assists to onboard new employees members. We are always here to assist you with this creation as well as one to one training if this is your preferred method of delivery.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any areas that you would like to see covered here, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Part two of this blog can be read here. If you're still fairly new to SAP Busines ByDesign, then take a look at my first blog: An Introduction to SAP Business ByDesign to get a feel for the solution.

Written by; Gareth Lewis, Business ByDesign Pre-sales Consultant