Three Reasons Why Experience Matters In SAP Support

19th January 2018 Written By Sophie Dell

SAP Support -3 reasons why experience matters for SAP Consultants

Experience is a key factor when you are choosing an SAP Support partner. It can be the difference between choosing one company over another. In other areas of life and work it is clear why experience matters but it is not always so clear cut in the world of SAP Support. We will show you why we think the three key reasons experience matters so much in SAP Support are; Understanding; Time; and Industry Knowledge.

Understanding of the system structure, the customer journey and how projects can develop are areas in which consultants only gain knowledge through experience. The SAP infrastructure has developed over many years and, even though in recent times with S/4HANA it has changed dramatically, understanding of the past is key to the future. In addition, as experienced consultants assess upcoming support cases and projects they can easily understand the many and varied customer landscapes and how things can be streamlined or (as everyone is human) how mistakes can be mitigated.

Time is valuable and, in the world of SAP Support, usually expensive whether that is at junior or senior level. However, the amount of time it takes for an issue to be resolved by a more junior, inexperienced member of the team and a senior consultant will be considerably different. This is not only due to one knowing the system more thoroughly and being able to resolve the issue quicker but also by removing unnecessary escalation. All SAP consultants will at one point or another escalate a case but senior consultants are less likely to do it regularly so will save you time and money.

The demands on different industry vary considerably and therefore many companies have different standard systems or in some cases bespoke systems to match their individual needs. You may argue that a function such as Finance is pretty much the same across the board but things like Logistics or eCommerce will be different between a manufacturer and a public sector company. As a consultant gains experience and expertise in supporting a variety of industries, or they specialise in a specific industry, they gain an understanding of the key demands of that sector. This makes their knowledge a commodity that is difficult to ignore when comparing an inexperienced junior consultant and a senior consultant.

Highly skilled consultants, like those at Edenhouse, with over a decade or more experience truly can make a difference to your SAP support. They will make the time that you purchase in support count and not be sapped away (excuse the pun) by not achieving results quickly. Every SAP consultant has to learn and of course, we all respect that but with support being so key to your business should it really be on your time.