Fuelling Digital Excellence – a look back at this year’s conference

Fuelling Digital Excellence – a look back at this year’s conference

21st June 2019 Written By Sophie Dell

Last week, over 100 of our customers and partners gathered to attend our annual Fuelling Digital Excellence conference (#FDE19). The event is a unique opportunity to bring together people at different stages of their digital transformation journey to share knowledge and uncover the latest innovations in SAP technology.

One of the main reasons we continue to host FDE is to inspire our customers. Of course, new technologies are always interesting but it’s the coming together of tech and people that’s truly exciting.

The power of people was a key theme from keynote speaker, British Paralympic athlete Tanni Grey-Thompson, who shared learnings from her time on the track. As Tanni explained, ‘‘what we have to do in a changing world is to be better, faster, leaner… success is not about individuals, but about having a team around you and learning new things.’’

As well as understanding how to build a team for success, Edenhouse’s Chief Technology Officer, Andy Bell, walked us through the intelligent enterprise and what it means for modern organisations. ‘‘We’re living in a world where we can all do things easier and quicker – the rate of expectation from customers is now much higher.’’

To maintain a competitive edge and be truly ‘intelligent’, organisations also need to look at how they are leveraging their ERP system and whether the current approach is fit for business. One way to do this is by taking a step back, re-imagining what you can do and re-engineer from the ground up, focusing on the core of your ERP. In doing so, organisations can lay the foundations for the next 20 years and unlock innovative capabilities.

Throughout the afternoon, we heard from Winterhawk, Greenlight Commerce, Zoosh Digital, United VARs and others to learn about the business challenges they are helping people solve, as well as live scenarios and current success stories.

And finally, an update from Edenhouse. Like so many of our customers and partners, we are on our own digital transformation journey and our CEO Paul Solomon shared some of the innovations we’re exploring currently to ensure our customers feel challenged.

With clients and partners travelling from Ireland, Germany and beyond, we want to thank all those who attended Fuelling Digital Excellence 2019 – see you next year!