Technological innovation — it’s a team effort

26th November 2019 Written By Edenhouse

Technological innovation is no longer the preserve of knowledgeable IT enthusiasts, but is driven instead by line-of-business managers, based on business need. That doesn’t mean the IT team is being side-lined though; it’s vitally important that they are on board from the outset to unlock the necessary functionality and ensure proper governance.

That’s why, when you’re considering the best way to upgrade your ERP and deliver ongoing SAP innovation management, it’s so important to get your line-of-business managers talking to IT; if not, they (IT) will quickly move to a holding pattern of providing support and keeping the lights on, but not driving innovation — which won’t help the business grow and thrive.

Inertia: the kiss of death for innovation

It’s really easy for businesses to become siloed, and people often resist change. So how can you overcome inertia if it’s already set in? Here are our three steps to build a successful SAP digital innovation team:

  1. Bring the experts in — they can help you identify your business priorities and engage the right stakeholders to deliver a successful transformation.
  2. Break down barriers — getting people from around the organisation to talk to each other is key to identifying the benefits new technology can bring
  3. Build the business case — it’s about so much more than running a simple RoI calculation. Value engineering helps you understand the less tangible, but equally important, benefits of moving to a next-generation platform.
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IT are still key enablers of innovation

Back at the beginning of the IT revolution, it was often someone from IT who would discover something cool and then start figuring out how it could be put to work in the organisation.

And we’re all the better for it.

So it’s important to acknowledge the role of IT in bringing SAP and other great new innovations to our attention — and their superior technological know-how — but what they do these days is much more business focused and in line with targets and goals. In the race to meet your goal before your competitors, everyone needs to work together. That’s why successful businesses have their IT experts working in partnership with business leaders throughout the organisation.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

– Helen Keller

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