Excited to energise the way you do business?

You’re not alone. We’ve already seen the transformative power of next-gen ERP systems like S/4HANA - and you can bet your competitors have, too.

If your ERP is stuck firmly in the past, Innovation Watch can help. With advice from SIX EXPERTS over NINE VIDEO EPISODES, you too can start planning a better future for your business.

Also, hear the success story of MUNTONS. As early adapters of S/4HANA, they're seeing real business value of updating to a modern, innovative system.

What will you learn?

Visualise a brighter future

What does a successful modern business look like? And how do you get there? We explore the benefits of deploying next-gen tech, and show you how to deal with the risks and possible roadblocks. And you can complete the essential ERP migration checklist to make sure you’re ready for the journey.

Dispel the ERP migration myths

Are you excited about the prospect of transforming your business? And a little nervous too? That’s understandable, particularly if a previous large-scale IT migration project has gone awry. But our experience is that with careful planning and a strong delivery team in place, those worries don’t need to be showstoppers.

Build a rock-solid business case

While the benefits of new technology may seem obvious, they can be difficult to quantify — and that makes it difficult to build the business case. Smart assessment tools can help you articulate the value ERP systems like S/4HANA deliver, helping you win over your most reticent stakeholders.

Ahead of the crowd, Muntons were early adopters of innovation, realising early on the benefits of S/4HANA from a business perspective

Since the implementation of S/4HANA, Muntons has seen lower transaction costs, increased productivity, with a faster month-end process, enhanced governance and compliance and has helped drive improvements with their customer and supplier relationships, as well as improve sales forecasting.

Watch the short video to learn why Muntons leapt early, and what lies ahead for their S/4HANA road-map. 

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