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EdenhouseExpert InsightsBlogMiscellaneousCharitable donations: When do you stop…

Charitable donations: When do you stop asking?

29th September, 2017 Written By Sophie Dell

How much is too much when it comes to asking employees to donate to charity? Whether it be time, money or anything else it’s a tough question. In an ideal world we’d ask everyone all the time, but especially in austere times, it can become just too much.

We try and do the big things, Comic Relief, Children in Need, MacMillan coffee mornings and the like. Last year we raised a lot of money at the Christmas party, it’s amazing how generous people can be when they’ve had a glass of wine and a mince pie.

MacMillian Coffee Morning 2017

Also, we’re in the process of collecting donations for local food banks around our three offices, we’ve run this in conjunction with the MacMillan Coffee mornings. It’s been a roaring success already with a week to go and I can’t thank everyone enough for their generosity.

It’s important to realise when you’re asking for too much

The last thing we’d want to do though is take it too far.

It sounds like very simple advice and it is but the key thing to consider is how each event is received. Be it a bake sale or a foodbank collection, if you got considerably fewer people interested this time around than you did before, that’s probably a sign that you need to reign it in a bit.

Never forget that everyone at work has a cousin throwing themselves out of an aeroplane or a mate who isn’t drinking this month for an equally noble cause.

We’re lucky in that we have very generous employees, our bake sales alone encourage tons of people to get their aprons on and give it a go. This takes up a lot of time and money as well as them buying them all back the next day.

I’m pretty sure we’d know very soon if they were getting fed up of it though and therein lies the problem. If you get to the stage where people are fed up, you’ve already gone too far and it will be almost impossible to get them back.

Talk to the employees, put the ideas out to a range of people before you announce them (not just the enthusiastic ones!).

Remember, if people start to grumble, listen to them.

Written by; HCM Consultant – Team Lead, Stewart Harbison

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