The role of the finance function is changing; the day-to-day task of managing reporting and cost is now a given as senior finance professionals are expected to deliver strategic value, position companies for growth and lead on digital transformation. In order to fulfil these increasing demands, finance teams need to drive efficiency and reduce the complexity across key business processes, whilst simultaneously producing holistic, real-time data, that allows stakeholders to make fully informed decisions.

By embracing the advances of technology, a new world of digital awaits the forward-thinking CFO. Placing technology at the core of your finance function provides the ultimate visibility required for end-to-end control and the ability to maximise profit. Furthermore, it empowers automation, allowing companies to set their own growth agenda, underpinned by scalability and seamless integration.

Competition in business is fierce and technology is a key element of being able to respond quickly and effectively to both opportunities and challenges and can be the differentiator that drives your business forward.

Explore how Edenhouse can get you up and running faster with the latest SAP technology and support the future growth of your business through an Intelligent Enterprise.


6 ways CFO's can stay ahead of the pack 

Finance teams are working harder than ever before.  CFO's are expected to partner with their C-suite colleagues to shape long-term business strategy. Oxford Economics explores how you can stay ahead and make a powerful impact, within your own department and also on your company’s overall performance.

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How to use tech to boost performance 

The demands of the global and digital economy have multiplied the finance team’s responsibilities to areas far beyond its traditional scope. Discover how to use tech to boost performance to optimise working capital and risk management through innovation.

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Gain visibility and insight through SAP Analytics 

SAP Analytics combines all analytical capabilities – including planning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence (BI) in a single solution. Take advantage of a modern, intuitive user experience to get answers to the most important questions affecting your business today.

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The Changing Role of the CFO

In Raconteur's latest article; Chameleon in the boardroom, Edenhouse CFO Oliver Vaughan shares insight into why CFO's should embrace the potential of digital transformation.

Read the full article and Oliver's insights.

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How CFO's Fuel Growth 

In Economia's latest feature The Champ: How CFOs Fuel Growth Edenhouse CFO, Oliver Vaughan shares insight into the changing role of the CFO.

Discover how you can lead your business into the future. 

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Services we Provide

Discover the various ways we can help you, from strategic planning to implementation, whilst forming a strong collaboration between you, SAP and Edenhouse. Allow us to explain how you can easily achieve your business goals and reach faster business decisions. 


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Migrate your technology to a more secure and modern system by starting your journey to the cloud today. You can easily reduce the total cost of ownership, whilst providing your business with air-tight security in identity management. 


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Explore how other businesses have benefited from working with Edenhouse to gain insight and value from their SAP investments, to help creating an Intelligent Enterprise.

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