HR is key to the success of any business. Whilst traditionally seen as a support function, it's now the primary driver for transformation. By bringing HR closer to the business you can create an improved employee experience, ensuring the heart and soul, your employees, feel truly inspired, motivated and engaged.

Disparate HR and Payroll systems, and manual processing is a challenge in the past. Embracing today's digital HR technology creates aligned processes, structure, talent and culture, to help you drive effective and efficient HR and Payroll practices.

Explore how Edenhouse can inspire, empower, innovate and simplify HR and Payroll professionals, helping businesses succeed and out-smart their peers through technology.

Hovis 2

Customer Success

Looking to standardise processes across multiple sites, gain visibility of their data and ensure HR became a value-added function within their business, Hovis turned to Edenhouse to start their HR transformation. Read their story.  

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How to deliver strategic HR 

For HR to become strategic, businesses need to change their priorities and deliver HR based on wider business objectives and outcomes.

Explore IDC Research to find how HR can deliver increased value and gain time and insight to drive the business forward. 

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Digital HR

Digital Transformation - It really is about people

The success of digital transformation is heavily reliant on people. In a global survey conducted by SAP, supported by Oxford Economics, we explore what is keeping some business decision-makers up at night, and how they're using digital transformation to drive their business forward. 

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Customer Success

Heavily reliant on manual processing, Murphy Engineering wanted to propel their business into the future. Looking for a modern, cloud-based HR and talent solution, the Construction company turned to Edenhouse to implement SuccessFactors.

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Explore how other businesses have benefited from working with Edenhouse to gain insight and value from their SAP investments, to help creating an Intelligent Enterprise.


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