HR Challenges Facing Public Sector Organisations

The public sector has faced huge challenges over the past few years, and many of these directly impact the people who work in it. Budget cuts means that every job role is under scrutiny and new appointments must be justified. At the same time, when the economy is facing a downturn, employment in the public sector is seen as more secure and appealing, so every role that is advertised is attracting huge numbers of applicants, and creating more work for already stretched HR departments.

And there are also challenges for people already working in the sector. The way services are delivered is changing, with a wider use of technology and demands for more efficient and customer-focused provision. So the workforce must also learn new skills to cope with this changing environment while continuing to deliver quality services.




Accelerate HR is a preconfigured best practice packaged HR solution from Edenhouse and SAP, designed to get the HR processes within the public sector running faster and more efficiently. It comprises of four key modules and includes analytics and reporting tools, mobile functionality and social collaboration tools, all presented with a user-friendly interface to support your staff to work anywhere on any device.

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How does Accelerate HR benefit the Public Sector?

In the battle to find the best candidates, Accelerate HR helps you speed up your recruitment process and sign them up before they accept another offer. And with online recruitment functionality, you make it easier for them to apply and easier for you to select.

Once they are on board, the core HR processes are key to ensuring consistency across your organisation and between departments, and the mobile interface makes it easy for them to access whenever and wherever they want to.

Most importantly, Accelerate HR lets you work with your employees to track performance, manage skills and development, and set goals in real time and in ways appropriate to them.


Accelerate user interface


Why Accelerate with Edenhouse?

  • Faster time to deployment and time to benefit
  • Out of the box, best practice solution
  • All wrapped in the Edenhouse tailored project support service
  • Followed up with post go-live EdenCare support

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