HR Challenges Facing Retail Businesses

In today’s rapidly changing retail environment, many of the challenges facing retail businesses are people challenges. High staff turnover has always been a factor, with seasonal demands leading to spikes in recruiting activity which can disrupt normal business. And many retailers rely on their local managers to hire the staff they need when they need it. This can cause problems for managers who don’t have recruiting experience, especially if they don’t have easy access to corporate guidelines and processes to help them.

Most important of all, when more customers are moving away from the high street to online shopping, it’s vital for retail businesses to make sure the face-to-face customer experience is the best it can be. So hiring the right people and making sure they understand what they need to do to match up to your business’ standards can mean the difference between leading and following.




Accelerate HR is a preconfigured best practice packaged HR solution from Edenhouse and SAP, designed to get the HR processes within the retail sector running faster and more efficiently. It comprises of four key modules and includes analytics and reporting tools, mobile functionality and social collaboration tools, all presented with a user-friendly interface to support your staff to work anywhere on any device.

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How does Accelerate HR benefit Retail Businesses?

When customer service is king, and time is money, Accelerate HR helps retail businesses to hire the right people, faster, and with minimum disruption to your managers’ day-to-day operations. Decentralised recruitment functionality means they can manage it locally and have the benefit of accessing your standardised corporate processes and guidlines.

Most importantly, Accelerate HR lets you work with your employees to track performance, manage skills and development, and set goals in real time and in ways appropriate to them.


Accelerate user interface


Why Accelerate with Edenhouse?

  • Faster time to deployment and time to benefit
  • Out of the box, best practice solution
  • All wrapped in the Edenhouse tailored project support service
  • Followed up with post go-live EdenCare support

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