It's been a tough couple of years for the UK economy, with organisations facing intense pressure to find the best workers, efficiently. Across the market increased skills shortage, high turn over rates and fierce competition are factors that have impacted the recruitment industry enormously.

In these troubling times, businesses should look towards adopting a talent acquisition strategy to continually attract quality members to their business, instead of recruiting candidates to fill vacancies. Winning in today's tough market is largely dependent on having the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles. Every staffing decision should align with your business's mission and goals to drive your strategy.

Discover how Edenhouse can help your business adopt a talent acquisition strategy using the latest SuccessFactors technology. Helping you source the best candidates for your roles, whether new or leveraging existing in-house talent, by providing an intelligent system that is meaningful, and provides a positive employee experience to ensure your workforce continue to deliver business goals, effectively and efficiently.


Customer Success

Murphy's engineer HR success, heavily reliant on manual processing, Murphy wanted to propel their business into the future. Looking for a modern, cloud-based HR and talent solution, the Construction company turned to Edenhouse to implement SAP SuccessFactors.

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Hovis' Missing Piece of the Puzzle - Onboarding

After the success of transforming their HR processes, Hovis’ Ryan Cavanagh, HR Processes, Projects & Systems Manager, shares his experiences of the missing piece of their puzzle - SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding.

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Do you Employ the right people for your business?

Talent Acquisition is one of the most impactful process of HR to a business. Getting the right people in your organisation has a dramatic, measurable impact on business performance.

Discover how you can source, engage and hire the world’s best talent with SuccessFactors. 

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Explore how other businesses have benefited from working with Edenhouse to gain insight and value from their SAP investments, to help creating an Intelligent Enterprise.


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