Business intelligence applications and drivers

Mobile, highly interactive and tailored to user needs.

To fully leverage your existing data and drive the adoption of business intelligence, you need to get the right information to the right decision makers at the right time. Business intelligence applications and dashboards have proven to be strong drivers for adoption of business intelligence. But in order for your executives and business users to exploit the full capability, such applications must be mobile, highly interactive, tailored to user needs and able to deliver trusted insight.

Drive adoption of business intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects gives you the tools and flexibility to create visualisations and dashboards that all support a highly interactive mobile or desktop experience.


Increasing the value of your data

The value of your data is increased through better insights enabled by a holistic, trusted view of the organisation.

SAP Cloud for Sales

A wide variety of deployment options

Dashboards and reports built on SAP BusinessObjects can be used simultaneously and based on the particular requirements and audience for any given report.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Highly engaging and richly visual reporting dashboards

Dashboards are interactive so following the initial effort of designing the data universe, a vast array of reporting capability, manipulation and personalisation is possible without further additional maintenance.

SAP Cloud for Service

Automated scheduling and monitoring

Event scheduling and monitoring tools are available to manage and co-ordinate the running, publishing and distribution of key reports.

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