When people are your assets, how do you grow profitably?

Standardising Services

Professional Services businesses have people as their core assets; trying to maximise margins means you need to engineer consistent services and package them to replicate timely delivery, and meet customer expectations while improving profitability. You can do this through standardised service delivery and support processes.

Increasing Resource Utilisation

A major challenge is having the right people with the right expertise and connections at the right time to deliver their services. You need to maximise employee utilisation by accurately forecasting demand, developing and managing supply of internal and external resources, and properly assigning resources and subcontractors to projects.

Integrating Processes

Service companies need solutions to manage the entire project and service delivery lifecycle – from the first customer contact to the final payment collection. When key processes like service delivery, accounting, and billing are not automated and integrated together, it creates revenue leakage, late or inaccurate customer billing, and lack of real-time information for decision making. Streamline processes to ensure timely, on-budget and effective execution.


Key Benefits of Business ByDesign

  • cloud based ERP simplifies IT systems and reduces cost
  • clear visibility of quotes, conversions, invoicing and current project status
  • customers invoiced more quickly and accurately, with change orders as needed
  • streamlined sales, project management, HR, invoicing and accounting
Quality Assured

SAP Business ByDesign Acurus Customer Success Story

Acurus is a fast growing IT services company and a key enabler for this growth is their ByDesign system. You can find out in the video below how they selected ByDesign and how it works for professional services business like theirs.

Quality Assured

SAP Business ByDesign Utopia Global Inc Success Story

Utopia Global Inc is a data management services company with operations around the world. The attached case study shows how selecting ByDesign brought improvements from 20-30% across all areas of their business from Finance, HR to project management.


How Professional Services Firms are Leveraging Technology

SAP has commissioned a special report into how Professional Services firms are meeting increasing competition and finding new ways to improve business practices through technology. You can download your copy of the report below, or if you would like to talk to us about how Edenhouse is working with Professional Services, please get in touch via the Contact Us link.

IDC Industry Brief: Professional Services

IDC Industry Brief: Professional Services

Small and midsize Professional Services firms around the world face competition from not only similar firms but also larger firms looking to disrupt current relationships. Rather than simply react to new threats, successful professional services firms are leveraging technology in new ways to sharpen business practices, improve agility, and better serve clients. This report looks at key business priorities, how technology investment is tied to growth, and the effectiveness of current technology in meeting the key challenges.