UK Food & Drink Industry

The Food & Drink sector is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, but it is facing pressures as never before. With an ageing workforce and the uncertainty of Brexit, labour and skills shortages are a major problem looming on the horizon, while rapid changes to consumer demands and retail habits are forcing businesses to become ever more innovative just to maintain market share and profitability. And demands for companies to reformulate products to reduce salt, sugar and other ingredients create a whole new set of challenges.

Surrounding all of this is the regulatory framework, which demands tight control of inbound, internal and outbound logistics processes to ensure product quality, safety and compliance with global regulations and guidelines, and full traceability. We address these issues in detail in a series of webinars which we will be running during May. See below for further information.


Our Experience

Edenhouse has many years’ experience working with companies – both large and small – in your sector. We understand the issues you face, we work alongside you on projects to minimise downtime, and if things go wrong we are there for you 24/7 to get things working again, with our UK based support teams. You can find out why some of our customers chose to work with us in the case studies below.

We also have a number of blogs looking at issues specific to the food & drinks sector, which you can read here:

Key Challenges

  • Skills gaps – ageing workforce, competition from other manufacturing sectors for scarce talent
  • Changing consumer demands – convenience, innovation, health trends
  • Changing retail habits – low price supermarkets, online shopping
  • Product reformulation – sugar content, salt content
  • Waste reduction – packaging, storage, logistics
  • Brexit – uncertainty around legislation, tariffs, labour shortages

Customer Case Studies & White Papers

To find out how our customers have benefited from BusinessOne and Produmex solutions from Edenhouse, check out the case studies below. For a more in-depth understanding of the issues and solutions, we have new white papers which you can download by following this link.


It'sFresh selects EdenOne for its BusinessOne Solution

It’sFresh! is a highly specialised technical innovations company focused on delivering comprehensive solutions for food freshness. These unique patented technologies are delivered by leading edge materials science developed in partnership with some of world’s renowned research and technology organisations. Find out why they turned to EdenOne when they needed a solution that could cope with their rapid growth ambitions.

Smarter Warehouse & Inventory Management for Jansen-Dongen with BusinessOne and Produmex

Smarter Warehouse & Inventory Management for Jansen-Dongen with BusinessOne and Produmex

The Dutch family business Jansen-Dongen supplies vegetables to supermarkets across Europe. In recent years the supermarkets have placed increasingly stringent requirements on their suppliers, particularly in the area of ‘track and trace’. When their incumbent systems could no longer meet requirements, they searched for a new one. Find out why they chose BusinessOne and Produmex here.



Premier Foods create products that the nation loves, and they have been doing it for a long time – many of their well-known brands have been part of UK life for more than a century. In an increasingly competitive business environment, an efficient and effective SAP Partner who could work locally with the business was of vital importance to Premier Foods, and Edenhouse fitted the bill.


Meeting the challenges of the Food & Drink Industry

Take a look at our partner, Produmex’s videos on how their Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) can help address your industry challenges:

Produmex for Food & Drink Distributors 

Produmex Weigh for SAP Business One 

Produmex Quality for SAP Business One 


If you would like to find out more about how we help businesses in the Food & Drink industry, please call us or fill in the form below.