SAP Business One for Subsidiaries

An agile subsidiary in a unified group

Your parent company requires you as a subsidiary to be one, but not the same. SAP Business One is the ideal for solution for you as a subsidiary. It delivers business performance “out of the box” and is pre-configured to integrate directly into your head office’s SAP.

It has a rapid deployment rate and can be up and running within weeks. Meaning your subsidiary can be agile and at the same time achieve corporate standardisation.

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Benefits for SAP Business One for Subsidiaries

Agile , flexible and standardised


Make New Markets Yours

SAP Business One lets you be a subsidiary. It lets you be agile, flexible while adhering to group processes. It is the essence of big business in the body of a subsidiary

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Minimise Cost and Risk

SAP Business One is designed to be cost-effective part of a multitier software strategy. It allows you to grow in new areas quickly and with minimal cost risk.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Standardised and Visible Business

Centralise and enable your business with one commonly structured product. Intelligently run your business with total visibility.

SAP Cloud for Service

Analytics to Size

SAP Business One Analytics allows you to understand the data within your subsidiary. EdenOne uniquely allows you to take full advantage of the whole of SAP’s Analytics suite.

It is essential that we have everything we need wherever we are and are able to access it quickly. EdenOne have enabled us to do just that.

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