Orbis Task Centre

Automate and Integrate your business

EdenOne presents the state-of-the-art Business Process Automation (BPA) Suite from Orbis to provide intelligent automation and integration capabilities for SAP Business One.

With the ability to automate practically any business process, customers can improve visibility of business operations. Our strategic partnership with Orbis enables EdenOne to integrate the BPA suite, TaskCentre, to SAP Business One customers and cut costs, drive efficiency and improve visibility.

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Full Range of Business Automation Processes

Four elements for automation


Workflow and Human Interaction

Make your human interactions count in a meaningful way. Automate repetitive processes and make the human interactions match to strict alignment to processes.

SAP Cloud for Sales

Data Integration and synchronisation

Build one place of data by having your systems communicate. Task centre brings your systems together and makes them talk to each other

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Notifications and Alerts

Be instantly notified of situations before or as they happen. Enabling you to make informed and intelligent systems based on critical data proactively.

SAP Cloud for Service

Report and Documentation

Creation, distribution and management of business imperative documents is challenging. Automation and distribution through this enhancement means that documentation is where you need it.

It is essential that we have everything we need wherever we are and are able to access it quickly. EdenOne have enabled us to do just that.

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