Engage customers like never before

Today’s consumers have high expectations, so it’s imperative for businesses to deliver a seamless customer experience. With SAP Cloud for Customer, you can gain a 360° view of your customers to understand their needs and wants, at any given time.

Encompassing sales, service, and social engagement, the cloud CRM system will allow you to engage with your customers in a much more meaningful way. Ensuring you deliver a more personalised experience, SAP Cloud for Customer will help you build and retain customer loyalty; ensuring repeat business, time and time again.

Customer Engagement and Commerce Approach

  • Contextual - mobile interaction should not be identical to an in-store or web one. Context matters in providing the most relevant information and therefore the greatest customer value.
  • Consistent - irrespective of the mode of interaction key information provided must be consistent. You cannot tell different stories on different channels.
  • Comprehensive - it’s important to support all possible touch points. Customers should have the convenience of choosing how they want to engage with you.
  • Customer perception - every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to enhance your brand value and make that engagement experience a positive one.

SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce Portfolio

Organised into four pillars: Sales, Commerce, Marketing and Service each with a collection of Products and Solutions.


To harness your employee’s abilities to provide a tailored customer experience, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solutions seamlessly integrate marketing, sales, social media and customer service.


SAP Hybris Commerce includes multiple components that enable organisations to simplify and improve the effectiveness of multichannel commerce on a global scale.


Great marketing technology should be able to recognise each individual’s journey in real-time and provide a personalised experience with individual offerings. With SAP Hybris Marketing, you can ’Market to an Audience of One’.


You need to meet the demands of digitally connected consumers. SAP Cloud for Service empowers your call centre, help desk and field service agents by providing a complete view of your customers.

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