Each customer journey is unique.

Whether it’s to consumers or to other businesses, the complexity of selling has increased exponentially.

Traditional marketing campaigns fall short at engaging the individual customer. It lacks the basic knowledge of customer’s wants and needs and blasts indiscriminate messages to the masses.

SAP C/4HANA Marketing enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of customers; to know what they have done, what they may do, and most importantly what they are doing now. Now you can gain real-time insights into the context of each customer, and leverage these insights to deliver highly individualised customer experiences across channels.

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Transform your business with digital marketing

Proactively respond to customers with individualised experiences.


Implicit and explicit insights

SAP C/4HANA Marketing blends together both the implicit (such as page clicks and views) and the explicit (such as campaign responses and purchases) insights to determine the customer’s true intent at every engagement.

SAP Cloud for Sales

Data management

Leverage advanced analytics to discover and visualise hidden trends, customer sentiments, and the customer journey insights.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Real-time insights

Develop an understanding into known customers and also unknown prospects. Be armed with these real-time insights to proactively respond to customers with individualised experiences.

SAP Cloud for Service

‘In the moment’ data

To successfully engage with today’s customers you need more than just historical data. You need knowledge of ‘in the moment’ customer activity to accurately target and deliver relevant and engaging customer offers and promotions.

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