We live in an exciting world of innovation, providing an array of convenience and speed benefits; the Internet of Things, digitisation, predictive analytics, robotics, A.I and Machine Learning.

Terms such as big data, the Cloud and the Intelligent Enterprise are becoming increasingly common place in our vernacular. You only have to glance at the media to see the challenges that all organisations face from Fraud (internal and external) and Cyber Crime.

So how can you protect your world?

SAP GRC & SAP Security - Assurance in an uncertain world

Brand protection, data losses – the challenges are exacerbated by complying with many new and fast evolving regulations. Through our partner Winterhawk, we are able to provide a wealth of cost-effective, specialist services across Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and SAP Security.


About Our Partner Winterhawk

Winterhawk is an award-winning, certified global SAP Security, GRC, Cyber and Data Privacy practice, supporting more than two million users worldwide. Their services are complemented with deep domain expertise, unique packaged content, and rapid deployment accelerators helping organisations gain the maximum value from SAP GRC solutions.


The Core Pillars

High Level Solution Guide


The Three Lines of Defence

  • SAP Access Control,
  • SAP Risk Management 
  • SAP Process Control

Business Assurance & Integrity

  • SAP Audit Management
  • SAP Business Integrity Screening

Vulnerability & Threat Management

  • SAP Enterprise Threat Detection
  • SAP UI Logging
  • SAP UI Masking

Trade Compliance

  • SAP Global Trade Services

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