Deploy the SAP S/4HANA in-memory database on premise

Power real-time insights across your business – and control systems and data behind your own firewall.

Over the years, growth in transactional databases and other data sources as well as their associated systems have complicated enterprise applications and infrastructure.

This, in turn, has complicated many organisations’ ability to meet the needs of the business, whether that is timely access to analytics, the ability to absorb new business models, or to create new, streamlined business processes.

In response, SAP has rewritten and simplified its applications to take advantage of its in-memory business platform.

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Driving instant value across lines of business and industries

Removes previous technological barriers and helps companies manage complexity and run simple across the digital value chain.


Simplify business decisions

Access to any insight, on any data, from anywhere in real-time with planning, execution, predictive analytics and simulation.

SAP Cloud for Sales

Simplify business processes

Run business processes in-real time and gain agility to change business processes as needed for new efficiencies - eliminating batch processing.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Business value

Connect people, devices, social and business networks, as well as the Internet of Things to operate in a manner that was previously unimagined.

SAP Cloud for Service

OLAP and OLTP support

Allows processing for transactional and analytic workloads on the same system with online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP).

It was important that we had a partner that understood the system compatibility and we knew we had this with the team at Edenhouse.
Teledyne E2V

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