Solutions that cover all your HR needs

Including planning, recruiting, managing performance, learning, and constantly analysing what works best.

The HR function is moving beyond automating processes, reducing costs, and compliance — helping drive people decisions that grow your business. However, the majority of today’s solutions serve merely as filing cabinets for record keeping with no business impact analysis. Silo’d from talent, they prevent companies from making workforce decisions based on a 360-degree view of the employee. They also feature primitive analytics that give minimal insights into the workforce and provide no support for employee development or workforce planning.

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A new approach to core HR

The industry’s only core HR solution that not only provides comprehensive, integrated core HR capabilities — it is specifically designed for business execution.


Includes actionable analytics

With all workforce data in one place and support for financial and operational data from external systems, Employee Central helps you measure the workforce business results link, and make informed decisions.

SAP Cloud for Sales

Provides Enterprise-grade core HR functionality

Supports any combination of business units, locations, or cost centres to model and manage, enabling HR to quickly implement any job structure without code, spreadsheets, or offline processes.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Developing talent

Make well-informed people decisions — setting goals aligned with employee strengths and interests, promotion, and development driven by a complete view of the employee.

SAP Cloud for Service

Supports collaboration around business goals

Provides intuitive tools to form groups, network, and share knowledge around common goals, interests, projects, work experience, locations, and much more.

We chose Edenhouse for their pragmatism, straightforward approach and eagerness to roll up their sleeves and deploy the right solution for our business.

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