Getting your arms around HR data

Concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for tomorrow.

Do you make decisions about your people with the same rigor and confidence as your decisions about money, customers, technology or business opportunities? Do your analytics contain stories and insights that communicate results and actions to your executives? Do you know how you compare to other companies in your industry or region?
We take the hard work out of analysing your data so you can focus on using it to make better decisions.

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Connect and correlate data across the business

Analyse not just HR and talent data, but data from across the entire business (ERP, CRM, survey data, etc.), to assess the impact on business performance.


Analytics workspace

Analyse trends across multiple measures and dimensions using powerful, yet easy-to-use drag and drop interfaces. Apply fundamental statistical methods readily, including scatterplots, significance tests, correlations, regressions, and multiple comparisons. Gain deeper insights with a one-stop analyses shop.

SAP Cloud for Sales

Question driven analysis

Use predefined questions to arrive at analysis and benchmarks, answer common and critical human capital questions, and drill to detail to understand root causes, trends, hotspots or inefficiencies.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Talent flow analytics

Modelling capabilities help you understand how the movement of talent impacts hiring decisions, cost models, career-pathing initiatives, succession plans, and risk management.

SAP Cloud for Service


The system continually mines HR and talent data across the organisation, finds pain points and hotspots relevant to each manager, and presents custom alerts to individual managers in common language, to highlight specific areas of concern.

The support provided by Edenhouse complemented our internal team perfectly, giving us the flexibility to draw upon their expertise when required.

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