How do you unearth gems of business insight buried in mountains of data?

Sales, Marketing, and Finance have pointed the way, and now it’s HR’s turn.

What if you knew the impact of your talent decisions before you had to make them?

With SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning you can conduct sophisticated workforce modelling based on head count and hiring data, turnover rates, retirement age, and cost data to create strategies that can ensure your organisation’s future stability and growth. Knowing the consequences of your decisions upfront makes all the difference in your ability to then execute your strategy effectively.

Build the foundation of your future success today

With SAP SuccessFactors organisations can conduct sophisticated workforce analytics and modelling to create strategies today to insure their readiness for the future.


Metrics and benchmarks

Sourced from real transactional data the workforce database provides consistent definitions and benchmarks can be viewed by dimensions such as gender or age, or by job characteristics such as function, tenure, or salary.

SAP Cloud for Sales

Mitigate risks

Identify the skills and competencies needed to meet your growth strategy, detect any gaps produced by workforce projections and mitigate the associated risks.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

Make informed decisions

Formulate your strategy with greater confidence knowing your forecasts are based on credible workforce data from across your entire business systems.

SAP Cloud for Service

Optimise your results

Dynamically model different workforce scenarios and understand their financial implications – in real time - with robust ‘what-if?’ financial modelling.

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