Is your project facing one or more of these issues?

We all set out with the aim of delivering a successful project, which meets the desired quality standards, within a timely manner and within the allocated budget, but projects don’t always deliver what you expect.

Often, organisation’s stakeholders can lose faith in the overarching change programme, perhaps the project has exceeded the anticipated budget or the project is not making the progress that was originally anticipated. Maybe the business community is struggling to understand what is expected of them or how the new ways of working are going to support as well as actually deliver benefit. Perhaps poor project management is hindering the success of the project.

Whatever the challenges you are facing, it’s unlikely that your organisation is the first to have come across those challenges and with Edenhouse’s experienced resources we can help you understand the root causes that are having on adverse impact on your project and more importantly what can be done to address them.

How we can help

  • Lead by an experienced Project Manager providing strong leadership
  • Validation of objectives with senior stakeholders
  • Holistic assessment of the proposed solution and fit against business requirements
  • Propose revised project governance regime
  • Identify any quick wins to stabilise the evolving solution
  • Offer alternative solution design options or solution toolset

Our Project Recovery Approach

Any major project can go off track, but Edenhouse has more experience than most of helping rescue failing projects.


We'll explain how to ensure your stakeholders maintain control of the project’s scope whilst permitting the project an appropriate level of agility.


We will describe how to implement an effective governance regime that allows your stakeholders to maintain control, whilst allowing the project room to deliver.


We will review how your business needs are being addressed by the solution and assess if the approach delivers against those needs or if a change in the design will pay a tangible benefit to your business.


We will evidence a range of techniques that ensure your business community remain engaged with the project’s goals and ensure they are capable of delivering the business benefits your project was set out to achieve.

There are decisions and then there are great decisions and choosing Edenhouse is one of those great decisions which has had an immediate impact on our users and business.
Mansel Kersey LH Evans

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