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Moving to a new SAP Support partner can be a daunting thought.

At Edenhouse we have successfully transitioned over 150 ERP clients to our support service through a well-established sequence of steps which provides a foundation for an effective transition.

Our approach focuses on understanding the bespoke and customised elements of your SAP solution, your future plans as well as any existing concerns with processes and open issues. During the course of the transition process, our consultants often identify process areas that can be improved upon and immediate advice is provided; or in other cases suggestions for future system enhancements are given.

As part of the transition process, our consultants will spend time at your offices meeting key users or your internal SAP team. They will fully document our understanding of your system and we will also provide a Service Procedures Document. This document details the key aspects of the service in terms of incident management approach, key contacts, connectivity information and much more.

Working with Edenhouse is a rare treat as they approach everything in a professional and friendly manner combined with an in-depth understanding of SAP, which makes for a winning combination.
Mansel Kearsey, L H Evans

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